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"A cult that obeys and kills blindly..."

A satanic cult, mostly composed of people living in the same small village, take advantage of the innocent to obtain the land where they wish to inhabit. The only person remaining is a fifty-year-old woman. She refuses to leave the location and ignores their menaces.

When a man returns to his homeland for the first time since his childhood, he joins her in her investigations on the cult.





From start to finish, this movie contains nothing good. Cults really exist and they are worrisome but the manner used to describe this movie’s cult fails in illustrating the phenomenon. The introduction in is some ways surprising but it all ends here.

From this moment on, the film takes the form of a slasher where there are more killers than victims. The actors are awful and the special effects, shameful. I had a lot of trouble figuring out why, with so many murderers, they hesitated so long in getting rid of the last survivor, even when knowing that she is only an old widow.

The idea of counter-attacking the rebellion is positively surprising and well though of but the way it was brought to screen is a total failure. The stunts performed by a motorcycle-riding terrorist, I have the impression, should have been very impressive. However, they take up half the movie. I have the strange impression that the masked man driving the bike is none other than the producer’s uncle who wished to show off his new tricks. During a scene, he chases the widow’s truck across a long distance and I tried to understand what he was trying to accomplish by driving around her in circles. Believe it or not, his plan succeeds: he was trying to make her drive off the road all along.

Final Thoughts

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Released in: 1986

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Fantasy

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( 2002-04-29 )  

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