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Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

Laurie Strode never really died. During the last twenty years, she has been living under a different identity and building herself a career as a teacher. However, the traumatism caused by her brother trying to murder her has never diluted and she has hated Halloween ever since. She happens to hallucinate, to have visions of Micheal Myers. Each year, her 17-year-old son suffers the consequences.

This year, she doesnít pass incognito. Michael Myers has found her and his obsession guides him towards her. He wishes to end what he started and while at it, why not make her son suffer the same fate.





Donald Pleasence has past on and Halloween suffers a large loss. It is very negative for those who enjoyed him in the role of Sam Loomis because he was a very present force and brought a feeling of security to those he protected. Personally, regardless of the reason, I am glad he isnít a part of the series. He screamed a lot and took up too much space. I still have to agree that his role as an analytic narrator will be missed.

Two teenaged couples, with our of the four friends is Laurieís son decide to stay on campus to celebrate their love while the others all leave to take part in an field trip. Here is the perfect pretext for a standard horror film. It leaves little room for common student activities but still, at this point in the film, we have had our share of diversion.

What follows doesnít resemble Halloween 1 and 2 (let us note that no reference to parts 3 to 6 is made) and we get an aftertaste of a TV series. The three couples (including Laurie Strode and her boyfriend) and a security guard who limits his love relation to a telephone conversation have been targeted by Micheal Myers. The murderer doesnít kill many people from this group but does what he can. Sadly, he is no longer as mysterious as in the previous episodes. The time he spent observing his future victims is now spent finding the perfect hiding place to surprise the spectator. It worked for Jason Voorhees but, here, Micheal Myers loses his personality.

One notable aspect is the number of scenes with an excellent potential that arenít exploited. There is Charlie who puts his hand in a waste compactor yet what could have been a first doesnít happen. During another scene, Laurie throws a collection of kitchen knives at Michael but none of them hit their target. There are more but I will let you discover them.

In conclusion, it is an excellent film and the general reviews the film got were a bit severe. It is far from being as slow and meticulous as the original but it is certainly not a bad movie.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Sarah has her leg torn by a kitchen elevator.

Memorables characters
- Micheal Myers (Chris Durand)

Released in: 1998

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Thriller

In the same series:
Halloween III: Season of the Witch
Halloween: Resurrection

Films in similar category:
My Bloody Valentine
Cherry Falls

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( 2002-05-03 )  

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