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Bad Taste

"And you thought aliens possessed a superior intellect..."

An extra-terrestrial invasion awakens a team of Earth protectors who grab their arsenal and get ready to impose order.

The monsters, at first using a human cover to mask their identity, can no longer contain their behaviour and regroup to avoid annihilation.





Bad Taste is to Dead Alive what The Evil Dead is to Evil Dead 2 : Dead by Dawn in the sense that one serves as a pilot project for the other. From time to time, we recognize the derivate of a memorable scene from its predecessor.

It is a film with good taste, as opposed to its title, in a world where anti-violence organizations mock horror movies and enjoy cutting, ripping and mutilating the best scenes (by definition, a horror movie must contain horror scenes) to the point of killing the genre.

It is difficult to compliment the general atmosphere of the film. Taking the budget into consideration and the conditions that limited the quality of the movie, it is probably coincidental in any manner. The actors are poor but they still do a good job because the film is total ridicule and they donít try to be anything they arenít. This filmís biggest faults are concealed by Peter Jacksonís brilliance. He always knows when to cut, where to film, from which angle to do it and he lets the pleasure last. It is for these reasons that his special effects are so remarkable.

Peter Jackson incarnates, by himself, two characters in a very agile manner. One of them represents whom the aliens mock: a man that laughs for undetermined reasons and that serves as a vehicle for the alien race. He has the ability to vomit many different colours in a bowl to feed his partners. His rival, a mentally challenged alien hunter, unfortunately falls from a cliff and bounces a dozen times on the rocks below. His cranium bursts in the back of his head and his cerebellum is ejected. He succeeds, with difficulty, to fix everything with a belt but continues to lose his cranial door from time to time.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Derek falls down a rocky mountain and bursts on the ground in an explosion of blood.
- Derek slashing through an alien with a chainsaw.
- Robert eating one of his dead friendís brain with a spoon.

Memorables characters
-Derek (Peter Jackson)

Released in: 1987

Movie type: Horror - Gore - Invaders - Monsters - Comedy - Humor

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( 2002-05-04 )  

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