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"A vampire, enemy of all vampires..."

A vampire bit Bladeís mother while she was pregnant. Her child inherited of the best of both worlds: he is part-human, part-vampire and possesses more capacities than handicaps. However, the vampire race that haunts this world is thirsty for domination and one of them, Frost, needs Bladeís blood to be imbued with the ultimate power.

Blade has hunted vampires at night for most of his life. He chases what is partially is, refusing what has been given to him, denying it and combating it. His friend and tutor Whistler looks after him and his destiny by building the deadliest weapons and gadgets. Blade is the hunter and the hunted but, to this day, no one even came close to him in strength and ability. However, Frost and his team have found his weaknessÖ while wooden stakes and garlic canít harm him, his feelings can cause his downfall.





Martial arts and vampires give us a joyful mix in this end-of-millennium movie. Blade is certainly the best example of this revolution. He is at the same time samurai, a crime fighter and a copy of Tim Burtonís Batman in an afro-American body. This gives us a final result that succeeds at the box office. The omnipresent soundtrack and rave environment do not harm the revolutionary image that this film offers.

The formula is simple and effective: Blade slaughters fifty or so vampires, Blade meets his enemy, Blade is attacked, wounded but comes charging back. This style belongs more to action movies than the horror genre. However, a few scenes will startle and the scenes of violence will please the public. The actors are very well chosen. We encounter memorable faces that speak for themselves. With only one glance, we know who we are dealing with. The personalities are thin because there are so many diverse characters.

Blade is an excellent adaptation of a comic book. The special effects and the action leave little time for us to catch our breath and it is perfect this way. Wesley Snipes is the ideal combination of agility, muscles, style and pretentiousness: he incarnates a role that fits him impeccably.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Blade pushes his rivalís head against a movie metro, tearing off a portion of his face.
- The final battle
- The rave at the beginning where blood flows from the sprinklers

Memorables characters
- Blade (Wesley Snipes)
- Whistler (Kris Kristofferson)
- Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff)
- Mercury (Arly Jover)

Released in: 1998

Movie type: Horror - Invaders - Action - Martial Arts - Technology

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Hitcher 2: I've Been Waiting, The
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( 2002-06-02 )  

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