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Blade II

Blade, part-human, part-vampire, has devoted his life to combating power-hungry vampires discovers that he has more to fear than simple blood suckers: a mysterious race of bestial vampires that devours humans and simple vampires.

Whistler, his best friend and the engineer who built his arsenal of gadgets and weapons, is captured. After freeing him from the clan of vampires, he devotes himself once more to his crime-fighting obsession, armed with his trusty katana.





This sequel presents so many notable ameliorations from its original: the special effects, the rhythm, the action and the fights. Blade succeeds in attracting such a large audience by covering all of these aspects. In this episode, we get more of a feeling that we are following an action-filled comic book because of the multiple characters with strong personalities. In fact, a huge amount of characters were added this time. However, any pretext is good for combat in Blade 2. Consequently, the story is weak. Still, isnít this the best formula to entertain the public?

Whistler is brought back but the pretext is not well thought enough to be convincing. Blade now has a new assistant, which creates a conflict on this return. Then, a gang of suspicious mercenary vampires join the group before going on the hunt for the vampire eaters. Furthermore, just about everyone hates someone else in Blade 2 which gives place to some intense situations. Even allies hate, betray, insult and menace each other.

In the original, Blade was a mysterious loner. Now, he joins other vampires. In fact, almost all of this movieís characters are vampires, to the point where we no longer wonder. During the last few years, studios have stubbornly wanted to remove the shroud of mystery surrounding vampires (Dracula 2000, From Dusk Till Dawn, The Forsaken). This works for a portion of spectators but lamentably fails for others.

With Blade 2, Bladeís resemblance with Tim Burtonís Batman increases: he is dark, revengeful, a crime fighter and uses tons of metallic gadgets. His use of acrobatic manoeuvres and martial arts was also amplified. Lets hope that his fate doesnít fall into the hands of unscrupulous producers for Blade 3 because if the tendency continues he will have to save the world before sunset, just like Batman.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- The Reapersí mouths
- An explicit dissection
- A 2-on-1 between Blade and two messengers.
- Blade installs an explosive device in Reinhardtís cranium to protect himself.

Memorables characters
- Blade (Wesley Snipes)
- Whistler (Kris Kristofferson)
- Reinhardt (Ron Perlman)

Released in: 2002

Movie type: Horror - Invaders - Monsters - Action - Martial Arts - Technology

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Night of the Creeps

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( 2002-06-02 )  

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