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Thing, The

In Antarctica, a creature attacks a group of scientists. She can take the appearance of whomever she wants to infiltrate the group and attack her next victim. The crew learns this by mistake and paranoia sets in quickly. Everyone suspects everyone else in this remote hostile location that already rendered them vulnerable.





In its style, The Thing is one of the best. The atmosphere can truly be felt and the actors are partially responsible. The characters are lost in the middle of nowhere, in an awkward situation and everything is put into place to make us be aware of it. Considering this movieís production year, this is even more impressive.

The metamorphosis scenes are worthwhile. The special effects with Play-Doh and puppetry scenes are breathtaking and always startle us. The Thing is a simple yet effective classic that binds horror and science fiction by using the best of both genres. A few details, such as Kurt Russellís beard (that takes away all of his personality), his behaviour and the fact we have trouble following his movements in the dark are harm the film. Still, taken as a whole, this masterpiece is ahead of its time, which is extremely surprising for a remake.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- The test to detect who is possessed
- A cadaverís head, rolling on the floor, grows spider legs.

Memorables characters
- The Thing

Released in: 1982

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Invaders - Monsters - Science Fiction

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( 2002-06-11 )  

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