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Body Parts

"We gave him a new arm... and a thirst for murder..."

Following a violent car accident, a criminal psychologist loses an arm and has a new one transplanted.

After an intensive period of physiotherapy, he is able to return to his wife and children. However, while his life should have gone back to normal, something still is awkward. His arm seems to have a mind of its own and a constantly increasing presence.

He investigates on the origins of his arm and learns he has inherited a murdererís arm. The donor has also given his body members to other accident victims. He quickly traces the other victims and learns that he is not the only one to feel the murdererís presence.





Body Parts tells the story of a man that begins to fear himself. However, the film doesnít have the same atmosphere as werewolf movies because everything is subtler, more subjective. It is more about the act of possession. A character refers to, in his own words, the soul as being the energy that inhabits a body as a whole and not only a chakra or the brain. It is in on this perspective that the movie makes us reflect. The film still remains very exaggerated and very implausible but tries to offer an explanation to many details that could have been neglected.

Having the main character be a psychologist specialized in criminology instead of a normal person along with the story eventually swimming in conspiracy do not help this horror/drama film. A perfect scenario would have left these technicalities behind; when a scenario is overfilled, each event attenuates the next: this is Body Partsí biggest flaw.

The adult actors are excellent; Brad Dourif shines as always. Unfortunately, their younger counterparts do not follow in their footsteps. In fact, they are horrible. The action, the curiosity and wait for the conclusion will keep you hooked to this dark suspense.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Bill ending the conspiracy by shooting down a glass bath filled with mutilated body members.
- Bill, seated on the passenger seat of his friendís car, is handcuffed by the unknown driver of another vehicle. He risks losing his arm at any moment.

Memorables characters
- Bill (Jeff Fahey)

Released in: 1991

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Fantasy

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( 2002-04-27 )  

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