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Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes

"Even spirits sometimes need to get some fresh air..."

Clergymen fail to exorcise Amityville’s haunted house. Subsequently, a lamp coming from this very home is offered, as a present, to and old woman and her family who is incidentally visiting her.

This lamp just happens to be inhabited by the entity that had haunted the home throughout the years. It now seeks a new being to possess. To reach its goal, it targets the most vulnerable person in the family: a young girl. Only a priest who has confronted this spirit in the past knows what is going on.





Each of this series’ follow-ups is more forgettable than the previous. In this fourth outing, the budget could not afford the legal pursuits occasioned by using this infamous house. That is why the producers have decided to start a new trend. From 1989 to this day, they will take pleasure in taking random objects from the original Amityville home and make them end up in arbitrary locations where a family just happens to move into. From that point on, we get our share of dialogue, habits, manifestations, wounds and even murders. Lamp, church furniture, clock, mirror, doll house; every pretext is good to extract a bit more money from a franchise that only worked because it pretended to reproduce a true fact. It was an even bigger lie than The Blair Witch Project!

Therefore, this small family on vacation in a large, vaguely lugubrious, home have been given the task of consoling us of the loss of the only thing that kept this series together. Each of the characters, exception made of Amanda (Zoe Trilling), has tested my patience to the extreme. The older actors picked up this challenge using their melodramatic attitude towards everything that comes at them but the two children, especially the oldest (mostly because of his face, his behaviour and his hair cut), are the reason why I despise this film.

Very few things need to be underlined other than a vicious battle between the oldest child, a possessed chainsaw and his senile grandmother (the second most hated character in the film). Only one person dies and because the cause of death was tetanus, you shouldn’t rent this film for its violence. To laugh at the little Brian, his striped shirt or the ridiculous finale would be the ultimate reasons to do it.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A parrot is found dead in a toaster without the slightest trace of burns.

- Little Brian barely escapes death by combating a chainsaw.

Memorables characters

Released in: 1989

Movie type: Horror - Haunting

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( 2002-06-30 )  

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