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Beast Within, The

"A puberty like none other..."

Seventeen years ago, a woman was raped on the side of the road by a humanoid creature. Today, the son that was conceived that night isn’t well. He has recently started to change.

He is curiously obsessed by the idea of walking in his father’s footsteps. A great rage quickly develops inside him. He goes back to where life was given to him because he has men to kill and women to fertilize in order to assure his species’ survival.





This film discusses lycanthrope creatures and features a dose of originality, while it is minimal. The most interesting is that Michael is living the puberty of a cicada-man and not of the usual werewolf. The subject has been overexploited in the horror industry but there is still some new material here and there to be pulled out of the theory, as proves The Beast Within.

Sadly, this is where rejoicing stops. Just like many other films in its revolution, it is terribly slow and worsens things by trying to dissociate itself from the pack. The only questions that we can manage to ask ourselves are simply never answered. The plot lacks filling exactly where we’d like to know more.

The last thirty minutes become profitable: Michael is finally transformed, the beast takes control of him and, once again, the film tries to demonstrate how audacious it is. The transformation is much more hilarious than horrifying and I caught myself giggling from ten or so minutes, even after the metamorphosis, to the point of losing track of the story.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A decapitation
- The lycanthrope metamorphosis

Memorables characters
- Michael (Paul Clemens)

Released in: 1982

Movie type: Horror - Gothism - Monsters

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( 2002-08-13 )  

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