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Army of Darkness

"The Middle Ages aren't for him..."

As had been sucked into a portal to the Middle Ages after a ferocious battle against a demon. He is savagely made prisoner, in the middle of a battlefield, by an army of warriors. They quickly realize that Ash is the saviour promised by their legends.

Ash must regain his time and the only way to get there, according to the prophecy, is to acquire the book of the dead. The road to the artifact is paved with malefic spirits that his chainsaw, his mechanic hand and his gun will help him intimidate.

After reaching the treasure, he forgets the required ceremony and, against his will, gives life to an army of un-dead creatures that want only one thing: the sacred pages. Back at the fortress, the village lady he had been emotionally involved with more than he had wanted is captured and converted into an additional soldier for the army that is quickly advancing towards him.





This series achieves the summit of its popularity with Army of Darkness. These three films describe what has happened to Ash, during the last two or so days. He still hasn’t slept nor eaten and already he dives once more into the hunt for demons.

From the start, Evil Dead 2 is recapitulated. What Ash was lacking during the last two films is a moment of rest, which he can enjoy here. It lasts long enough to let us understand how much he loves women and, likewise, how women love him. It is curious that it required two sequels to the original to see him actor normally and it is a true pleasure for the fans of the series that his moment has finally come. Ash is macho and sure of himself. His recent challenges have only made him stronger.

Army of Darkness leaves behind its macabre side to become much more of a comedy. Regardless, it exploits each situation to make it a violent joke. The film will please, on one side, to the aficionados of medieval fantasy. While the concept isn’t pushed to the point of introducing dungeons and dragons, a few insinuations are made. The most amusing is to watch Ash strut his stuff in front of a population of “primates”, with his weapons and his futurist attitude.

This film is incredibly audacious considering its budget. The quality of the overlapping of images, and they are plentiful, go from good to average. Those who appreciate the first part of the film might not be as satisfied by the long war against the dead. It is a drastic change. The animation of the skeletons is mediocre and all excuses are good to camouflage the mistakes. They are mixed to puppet animations, real humans and clay figures.

It is in a comic book atmosphere that this action-packed feature made a name for itself in the list of classic horror movies. It is the revisited story of a knight and a princess that doesn’t leave detail behind. Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness is one of the most original films in horror history.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Ash fighting against a witch using his feet and his gun.
- Ash taking control of the village by insulting its inhabitants and menacing them.
- Ash combating a copy of himself.
- Ash swallowing sweltering hot water to boil a miniature version of himself that he has just swallowed.
- Ash building his metallic hand.

Memorables characters
- Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell)

Released in: 1993

Movie type: Horror - Invaders - Monsters - Action - War - Fantasy - Humor - Historical

In the same series:
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Evil Dead, The

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Hitcher 2: I've Been Waiting, The

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( 2002-09-01 )  

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