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Halloween: Resurrection

"They found out where Michael was hiding these years..."

Laurie believed she had rid humanity of Michael Myersí presence. However, on Halloween night, the asylum that detains her sees its personnel count drop severely, due to his return. After pursuing her for so many years, he finally accomplishes his goal.

At the same moment, an entertainment company settles inside what used to be the Myers family home. They intend to broadcast video footage over the Internet, to millions of users. A handful of adolescents have been chosen to investigate the home and past of the legendary serial killer. They desire to resolve the mystery behind his obsession with murder. Equipped with portable cameras, they survey the deteriorated rooms and hallways of the home. They ignore the fact that Michael has never left the site: he spies on them from the darkness, waiting for the appropriate moment to attack...





First and foremost, Halloween: Resurrection is a supplement to the series that has decided to adapt to its time. The Internet is the best example. I am sure many people will grimace when hearing the concept behind the movie, but everyone will be surprised upon seeing its realization on the big screen. Even though the Internet and technology in general arenít solid ground when combined to horror stories, this film perfectly succeeds in extracting the right elements at the right moments without becoming too technical.

Trying to create a link between this episode and its predecessor, Halloween H20, the film offers fifteen or so minutes to kiss Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) goodbye. Her passing will be a large loss for all fans. Sam Loomis, the narrative presence, has been permanently eliminated from the series for a while and, with this additional loss, serious doubts arise concerning the potential of future episodes.

Ever since the eighties, the time between consecutive releases in the same series has grown exponentially. Furthermore, horror movie icons have all undergone shocking experiences. Freddy has left the world of dreams to join reality, Chucky has become a humorist, Jason and Pinhead, for their part, have become astronauts and finally Michael Myers practically becomes a rap video clip star by appearing with Busta Rhymes. This artist interprets a character with a personality so common that youíll get the feeling youíve already seen it hundreds of times before. By his sole presence, he makes Halloween: Resurrection the first horror film with a humorous flavour in the series. He plays the role of the one we are used to see die first. As minutes pass, his antics increase.

We then ask ourselves when will the budget that keeps him alive be drained dry. As his swear words and pretentious looks pile up, the more we leave the macabre atmosphere of the first Halloweens and the more we understand that the producers decided to use him to attract crowds, with the final determination of stuffing their pockets. Furthermore, Busta Rhymes isnít afraid of Michael. To be more precise, the serial killer obeys the rapperís commands. However, when Michael has had enough and tries to get rid of him, Busta replies by imitating his favourite kung-fu movies. While he does practically what he wants with Michael and in the midst of his swears, insults and jokes, he bombards him with lyrics from his latest CD.

Nudity, teen habits, violence and drugs are, thankfully, still part of the game. Things havenít changed since 1978 and I believe everything is fine this way. The characters are very clichťd but this is the least of my worries, because they are all here to die anyways. Sara Moyer replaces Laurie Strode; she brought a smile to my face thanks to her on-screen fluidity, by her natural sound and because she can bring something good to the series.

If Halloween: Resurrection doesnít propel Bianca Kajlich, the leading actress, to the ranks of stardom as was the case for Josh Hartnett in its predecessor, maybe this episode will become a fresh start for a new generation of quality sequels. Let us mention that John Tate, the character interpreted by Josh Hartnett upon whom Michael Myers had supposedly redirected his attacks isnít even mentioned or excused. Maybe more money should have been invested on his case and less on the salary of the rappers, top models and good dancers.

In conclusion, your opinion will be torn between what remains and what was added. A good sequel must dose repetition, uniformity and diversity in order to pay respect to the original. This episode accomplishes this rule everywhere Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks arenít. We even learn a bit of trivia information on Michaelís childhood, from his birth to this day, but without being certain of what is real and what isnít. The murder scenes are sublime and so is Michael, always moving in the perfect lighting, at the right place and right time.

Final Thoughts

Memorables aspects
- Michael nailing a victim to the kitchen door using two knives.
- Michael crushing a victimís head.
- Michael decapitating a victim in order to be taken more seriously.

Memorables characters
- Micheal Myers (Brad Loree)

Released in: 2002

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Thriller

In the same series:
Halloween III: Season of the Witch
Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

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( 2002-07-24 )  

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