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Cannibal Hookers

Before being accepted into a severe and audacious sorority, two students must play prostitute and each serve a client.

However, when they drag the men where they were told, it is a clan of masochistic cannibal women that are waiting for the evaluation and not their future sorority sisters.





Cannibal Hookers is an implicit pornographic film covered under a horror pretext. Not only does it try to pass as a legitimate sequel to I Spit on Your Grave, but has the guts to associate itself to a supposed series named "I Will Dance on Your Grave". The episodes in this collection have no link whatsoever with each other.

Tits and ass take the leading role in this film, leaving budget and good acting behind. As a matter of fact, this is so true that any horror fan will be totally lost. You try to concentrate on the suspense, the story, the dialogue but none of this has its place in the film! For those who consider a cut without a wound spraying pink colored liquid to be violence will find this film to be most destructive.

The most incredible here is that the film throws an almost interesting idea at us. The basic concept of a sorority initiation via prostitution could have been a refreshing idea if it would have been put in the hands of a good team. However, the end result here is the pathetic realization of the director’s erotic dream.

Cannibal Hookers doesn’t try to be artistic or Hollywood-ian. It seems to have been filmed with a home camera in fourth gear. Each change in camera angle is so badly orchestrated that we ask ourselves if we have just changed scenes. The women are horrible even behind their 80’s sex-symbol disguises. They try to be sexy, sensual and provocative but end up being disgusting.

Final Thoughts

Memorables aspects

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Released in: 1987

Movie type: Horror - Gore - Invaders - Sexuality - Nudity

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Savage Vengeance
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( 2003-12-22 )  

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