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Stir of Echoes

Tom is sceptic when his sister-in-law mentions hypnotism. He convinces her to try her techniques on him, persuaded that it would not affect him. His convictions we revealed to be false when his spirit conflicts with the one of what seems to be the ghost of a dissatisfied adolescent girl.

By every means necessary, she tries to transmit a message that he canít comprehend. Slowly, he is driven to madness. His wife and child must take their distances before the unthinkable happens.





Stir of Echos is the intermediary between The Sixth Sense and What Lies Beneath: not only chronologically but in terms of evolution (or degradation) also.

Its visual attractiveness is interesting. The film succeeds in transporting us into the action, just like we were present, especially during the scenes of hypnosis. The computer generated special effects are obvious but not to the point of ruining the authenticity of the film or to distract our attention. They are properly used.

Without Kevin Bacon, this film would be nothing. He is the typical simple, sane male at the start which renders his madness even more significant later on. This film sometimes follows in the footsteps of The Shining but it features a totally new husband and irresponsible father. He plays the role usually destined to women, the main character victim of hallucinations that people think is crazy and this simple detail gives the film a totally new direction.

The filmís defects are the same as those we attribute to the genre: development bifurcations, smoke and mirrors and too few memorable moments. The worst remains without a doubt its apogee. While terror should reach is summit during the last 15 minutes, the film comes down to an explanation that passes very close to conspiracy and that has nothing mystical. The seconds that follow seem to have been inserted with the sole objective of putting a smile to the face of simpletons who will go out and spread the word to the next spectators.

Stir of Echoes still deserves a special mention for having subtly mixed alcohol, drugs and sex to its story. Small details of the like are often forgotten or badly represented in films even though they help give the characters a human dimension. It also helps us sympathize with the characters throughout the film and allows us to turn away.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Samatha breaks a nail will crawling to try and flee.
- Tomís hypnosis, illustrated as if we were present.

Memorables characters
- Tom Witzky (Kevin Bacon)
- Samantha's ghost

Released in: 1999

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Haunting - Love

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( 2003-12-22 )  

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