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House on Haunted Hill (Remake)

"$1,000,000 for a whole night spent in a haunted manor..."

Six strangers are offered the possibility to earn one million dollars each if they survive the night in a sinister mansion. It was an asylum where patients were tortured and died after macabre experimentations. Later, it was purchased by the man who now organizes the contest.

The traps that are hidden within the house, whether they be part of the game or not, will determine who lives and who dies. Each death leaves behind a million dollars that the remainder of the group will share, once the morning arrives. However, the house has its own plan and wants revenge for the past. The organizer, his hated wife, the special effects technician and his escort are also present for the devilish night.





House on Hauted Hill ressembles a murder mystery where different people enter different rooms to face discussions, accusations or events that test the compatibility of each of the members of the group with each other.

The gothic universe and macabre that this house offers us goes well with the actors. The host wants the guests to think that the traps come from the house itself when they really come from a paid technician. What makes it all quivering is that the technician is amazed by what happens at a certain point in the movie.

The casting is well done, the actors are excellent. This movie is a masterpiece of suspense that makes us hold our breath throughout the movie.

What should have been left out is the final 3D animation. It practically ruinst he movie because it explains everything that remained unexplained. We just don't believe in it. If the movie in general gets points for its subtility, the ending crudely contrasts with the rest.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Melissa views cruel experiementations from the past in a virtually empty room and then, one of the torturers sees her.
- Horrifying creatures, quickly nodding their heads.
- An infernal machine that renders people paranoiac.

Memorables characters
- Steven Price (Geoffrey Rush)
- Evelyn Stockard Price (Famkey Janssen)

Released in: 1999

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Haunting

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( 2001-07-01 )  

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