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During a humanitarian mission, Dr. Joe Darrow’s pregnant wife perishes when her bus plummets down a ravine.

The hospital where Joe works and what used to be their home are impregnated with what seems to be his wife’s spirit. The parrot imitates her voice and, while unconscious, cancerous patients transmit messages to him.





In this era where mystery/ghost films gain popularity, each new release tries to push the limit a bit further than had done the competing movie studio. Dragonfly is one of these movies, but it fails miserably. Sixth Sense and The Others were methodical and perspicacious. Dragonfly, in comparison, doesn’t know whether it should follow their lead or remain as conservative as The Mothman Prophecies. In the end, it just ends up boring. It is hard to analyse this film without comparing it to the other theatrical releases it copies. Sadly, it steals the worst elements of each successful movie in this sub-genre.

Spirits are terrifying when they are odious or when their intentions are imprecise. However, the last time I checked, beloved deceased girlfriends don’t come back to haunt you and try to put your life in danger. Furthermore, without danger, you have no horror film. Therefore, by definition, Dragonfly is monotonous. Even though it isn’t formally a horror movie, it tries to make its viewers jump out of their seats and attempts to scare them. However, the predictions, messages and other manifestations are too tame to upset. Also, Dragonfly tries to move you but only succeeds in taking you by surprise. By chance at the ending of the film, the scenario demonstrates some effort as we are lead into a more interesting situation thanks to the change in setting and atmosphere.

The excellent interpretation, the nice film work and general quality will mislead some but this plagiarism lacking temerity aims very low and hits its target dead centre.

Final Thoughts

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Released in: 2002

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Haunting - Drama

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( 2004-02-29 )  

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