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Dead Alive

"Lionel collects undead creatures in his basement..."

Lionel's mother gets bitten by a monkey-rat and mutates into a zombie. She then attacks the nurse and the disease spreads. Lionel's basement quickly turns into a living graveyard.

Lionel tries to hide the disaster from his new girlfriend but things get even worse.

When uncle Leslie decides to throw a rememberance party for his sister, the army of zombies leaves the basement and the massacre begins.





This movie doesn't enter any category. It is evidently the most explicit movie ever produced. It isn't painful violence, it's more gross than anything else. Exploding heads, torsos torn apart, sawed off arms, pierced eyes, etc.

Nothing is serious and everything is made to laugh at. The special effects are excellent but they are exagerated by mostly to make you laugh until you cry. The animation of the monkey-rat, at the beginning of the movie, was a failure but luckily it doesn't even last thirty seconds.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A baby zombie tries to flee from Lionel, in a parc.
- Uncle Leslie gets hit in the testicules many times.
- A body gets torn apart
- A baby zombie gets thrown into the food processor and bounces out, gets punched, breaks through a window and finally hits uncle Leslie's testicules.
- A zombie priest and a zombie nurse get lucky using a rake.
- Leslie, who has had enough, attacks a horde of zombies, armed with a lawnmower.

Memorables characters
-Uncle Leslie (Ian Watkin)
-Vera, the mother (Elizabeth Moody)
-A baby zombie

Released in: 1992

Movie type: Horror - Gore - Invaders - Monsters - Comedy - Humor

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( 2001-07-02 )  

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