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Terror Toons

Two sisters are left to themselves during a quiet evening. The youngest watches a movie, the other invites a few friends over. When the teenagers are having fun playing “Strip-Ouija” in the living room, the psychedelic universe kidnaps Candy from the DVD player in her room. Two torturers, Dr. Carnage and Max Assassin, equipped with chirurgical equipment, join the guests downstairs. They meet their impending doom.

Fleeing through the front door isn’t the most viable of solutions. A cloud of emptiness surrounds the building. One after the other, they suffer the worst of tortures until they breathe their last breath.





Imagine a film that can really isolate you from the usual and make you believe in it. Imagine that the most unrealistic of coincidences take place at the same place, at the same instant. This is how we can summarize Terror Toons. As if they felt pressured to fill in the remaining strips in a comic book, the characters step over each other to try and obtain the main role. A transvestite father, another that doesn’t doubt a thing, four teenagers, their sex drive, an overdeveloped child, her friend, a pizza delivery guy, a mystical police officer, two insane folk and a super-hero are all in the struggle.

Conveniently exposing a surrealistic world with such a tight budget must not have been an easy task. The quality of the special effects, the grain of the image and the overlapping of images are shameful. However, starting at the moment where we leave the visual defects and childish humour behind, it becomes easy to dive into the story and invest the attention this film deserves.

If there is one thing we must give to these limited budget independent films is their high level of violence. Their contents isn’t filtered on the same level as official releases and for this reason, we recognize a more truthful and more artistic style, where appropriate. This brutality isn’t always intelligently manoeuvred in the industry but blood has never been shone as the one being spun off one of Terror Toon’s psychedelic multi-coloured spirals. It is excessive, vulgar and appropriate.

If it had been better funded, this film could have taken over from Killer Klowns from Outer Space in the ranks of illogical fetish films to watch with friends (not necessarily sober). After a never-ending day of work or when exhausted after a long night out, Terror Toons is an excellent choice for some comedic horror entertainment. There exists a level of humour for every movie fan. Who knows, this film might fit you like a glove.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Candy has her spine pulled out, her cheeks ripped in two and finally is animated like a puppet.
- Candy’s friend laughing to the point of making is temples explode.
- An open-head operation.

Memorables characters
- Dr. Carnage
- Max Assassin

Released in: 2002

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Gore - Monsters - Fantasy - Comedy - Humor - Animations - 2D Animations

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( 2002-12-02 )  

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