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Ghostbusters II

Five years have past since the chaos that saturated New York. Spectral manifestations trouble Dana once more but this time they target her baby.

The Ghostbusters no longer exist since their business was forcefully shut down. Regardless, their tests reveal the presence of a yellow jelly circulating throughout the sewer system. After studying the substance, they conclude that it reacts to human emotions. Furthermore, for an unknown reason, it gathers negative energy.

After having illegally drilled a street to take samples, the scientists are brought to justice. While the judge pronounces his guilty verdict and tensions rises. One of the exhibits, a bottle of the gelatinous substance, overflows and two ghosts escape from it. Quickly, the four Ghostbusters prove their righteousness and regain their credibility just in time to save the city.





Rare are the sequels that keep their original cast. Ghostbusters 2 brings back everyone and that is what is great about this movie. The actors offer a brilliant performance. Oddly enough however, every human relationship, romantic or not, is thrown to the curb in Ghostbusters 2. The reputation that the Ghostbusters had forged for themselves took only five years to be forgotten by all which prevents the story to continue where it left off. The team members are heroic in their best moments but they spend most of their time fighting the legal system, regardless of how New York would benefit from allowing them to combat evil.

It is astonishing to notice how the special effects also lost quality since the original. They mainly consist of transparent holograms that should have been more impressive. The scenario is good but too redundant when compared to the original film.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- The Ghostbusters shoot the Statue of Liberty with green jelly to animate it and make her run through the streets of the city.

Memorables characters
- Peter Venkman (Bill Murray)
- Raymond Stantz (Dan Aykroyd)
- Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis)
- Winston Zeddemore (Ernie Hudson)

Released in: 1989

Movie type: Horror - Haunting - Monsters - Action - Science Fiction - Fantasy - Comedy - Humor - Children

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( 2004-03-23 )  

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