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Ring, The

Following the troubling death of her niece, a journalist investigates on a mysterious videotape that supposedly causes viewers to meet their doom.

Rachel, a divorced journalist and mother of Aidan, is asked by her sister to investigate on the death of her daughter and her three friends. The horrible expression left on their face when they died makes for an even odder mystery.

A legend claiming that a videotape would bring death exactly seven days after viewing it comes to her ears. In about the same time it would take to dress up a Christmas tree, she acquires the tape and views it. The phone rings and she hears a child’s voice pronounce the words “seven days”.





It is rare that a remake takes the golden elements from the original and it is one of the key positive aspects of The Ring. Every horrific sequence is redone, sometimes with a slight supplement. The Ring is as serious as was Ringu and even more credible because none of the characters possess extra sensorial talents. Aidan perceives certain things in a mystic manner but the focus is never put on this aspect.

If we sum things up, The Ring presents very few horror scenes, which are independently very short. Its advantage is how it prepares us to these scenes. The film develops very slowly, but is far from being boring. It builds up suspense gradually just like Ringu (and, in the past, The Shining). A count of the days that pass indicate how much time is left before Rachel’s seven days have run out.

The manifestations of Samara’s ghost make us quiver. The film and green lighting help a lugubrious and cold atmosphere settle in. The actors are exact, very serious and therefore believable. The only negative aspect I would like to bring up is that seeing that seven days must go by, the film tries to fill in some of the void by bringing up obvious and often useless details. However, as a whole, The Ring is magnificently structured and probably one of the most scary horror dramas.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Amber's cadaver.
- The conclusion

Memorables characters
- Samara

Released in: 2002

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Haunting

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( 2003-12-22 )  

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