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Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The

In 1973, five teenagers travel through Texas on deserted roads to go to a concert. They almost hit a girl with their SUV and, after seeing she is hysterical, they decide to give her a ride. According to what she murmurs, people are dead. Once she sees the direction taken by the vehicle, she panics. Refusing to go any further, she shoots herself in the head.

The teenagers have no choice but to wait for help near an old mill. Minutes pass and the sheriff still doesn’t show up. When one of them goes to a nearby home to call the police a second time, things worsen. The friends slowly discover that the people around here are very unique… and dangerous.





Each Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel was worse than its predecessor. The concept of the original film and the two films preceding this remake was simple (I exclude The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 from the list). A cannibalistic family, spread across a forgotten area of Texas, hunts for teenagers while passing off as simple villagers minding their own business. They usually lead them to Leatherface who tortures them, cuts them into pieces and serves them for supper.

This is also the case in this remake, exception made of the famous family meal. If it weren’t for the fact that the film pretends to take place in 1973, it would only be another sequel. Apart from Leatherface, all of the family members are new but similar to those presented in the other movies of the series.

The worn-out yet precise look gives the film an old style, which is quite disturbing. Many sequences take place in total darkness and this is surprisingly effective, especially between four walls covered with ears, fingers and eyes. We expect to see Leatherface pounce out of nowhere with his trusty chainsaw at any moment.

Concerning this subject, the costume and the actor that represent this historic character are very appropriate. He even has a surprise mask for you to see! The main characters are very realistic and, as opposed to the usual one-dimensional characters that get killed off in the series, we sympathize with them. This is one of the film’s main strengths.

The actors complete each other well and offer a sound performance. We are thankful for this fact because they don’t always have the best reply or an ideal reaction. Furthermore, it seems like all of the film’s events are orchestrated with the sole goal of developing the scenario. Coincidences and incoherencies are used to maintain the flow of action, visibly because the movie has trouble filling its duration. After a while, it becomes repetitive even though the original successfully managed its rhythm.

If violence, brutality and true horror please you, this film is for you. It is cold and dark. Its only real problem is that it hasn’t reproduced certain crucial elements present in the original. However, it must be said that the film doesn’t try to improve the original, it simply innovates.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A young girl’s brains splattered everywhere after her suicide.
- A leg cut by a chainsaw.
- An adolescent trying to remove a hook from his back slips and worsens his problem.

Memorables characters
- Leatherface (Andrew Bryniarski)

Released in: 2003

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Gore - Thriller

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( 2004-04-22 )  

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