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Ten years after asking science to cryogenetically freeze her son following the discovery of his serious disease, a mother insists on bring him back to life. The operation is conclusive: after his unfreezing and a few days spent in an oxygen tent, Miles recovers speech and his lucidity. However, something is odd within. He is arrogant, egocentric and even worse...





Wes Craven doesnít have the shiniest past. From its title, we could believe that Chiller resembles the unrealistic but entertaining Shocker (also by Wes Craven). This is not the case. Chiller doesnít tell the tale of a zombie or a laboratory creature. Instead, it is a story that promises it will be a horror movie but, as it progresses, it turns out itís a low level thriller.

One of the filmís main problems is its abundance of dialogue. Through the dialogue, we learn a bunch of insignificant details and, also, it is mainly through it that we see manifestations of Milesí evilness. Then, when he becomes violent and finally gives us what we had been waiting for, blood is shed but we canít see it as it is off screen. Furthermore, he only commits one murder during the whole movie.

The actorís talent is subjective and nothing is very shocking other than a woman beaten up by Miles, savagely we must presume. We even get to see a replica of the scene in Psycho in which Norman Bates spies on Marion through a whole in the wall.

Chillerís best aspect is its supposition that an individual brought back to life no longer has a soul. Nothing extremely new here except the fact that the person that relives is simply evil and doesnít seem to come back from the grave.

Final Thoughts

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- Miles Creighton (Michael Beck)

Released in: 1985

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Fantasy

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( 2004-12-01 )  

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