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Cold Blonded Murders

"She splits couples apart with a knife..."

A Montreal radio station announces the fifteenth murder in a series plaguing the city this year. In an apartment building, Abby and Chad meet their new neighbour, Isha. The couple starts disputing when Abby announces to Chad that she has noticed he was being too friendly with their blonde neighbour.

However, they ignore that this innocent looking young girl is hiding an agonizing man in her bath. Soon, Isha finishes him off by stabbing him in the abdomen.

When Chad leaves for work the next day, the new inhabitantís door opens when he passes by and he meets the murderer who was waiting for him. She invites him inside, tries to seduce him and then asks him to fix the electricity in the bathroom. However, when he sees that the switch works perfectly and that Isha is too friendly, he understands her strategy and insists to leave the apartment. The cadaver is no longer in the bath so he suspects nothing. The knife Isha dissimulated behind her back went unused this time but she has more than one trick up her sleeve.

To avoid having to defend her behaviour with Abbyís boyfriend, she acts first and tells her that she saw Chad kissing another woman. However, this is the calm before the storm because if Isha canít own or control something or someone, she gets rid of it.





Even though the story behind Cold Blonded Murders is extremely simple, I was absolutely delighted by every second of this movie. There are no useless details unless they feed a quality dialogue. The scenes implicating flesh and knives are realistic, even troubling and are filmed under bright red and yellow lighting. We do not commit the common mistake perpetrated by most low-budget horror movies: to show too much violence for an excessive period of time. This is usually what makes the blood and shredding look fake. Here, everything appears real and painful.

This short film features Isabelle Stephen in the role of Abby. She is as apt at reciting her lines as she is to share her emotions. The performance made by the other main actors, Suzi Lorraine (Isha) and Mike Gingold (Chad) is acceptable but sometimes fluctuates.

Some variation in camera angles would have been appreciated, especially during dialogues. It is harder to sympathise with something that bursts into tears when we see their face and easier to feel implicated in a conversation given the same circumstances. Furthermore, the lesbian innuendos are out of context, in my humble opinion.

This film is really worth watching. The image is impeccable, the story is well distributed and it contains a sufficient amount of violence. I must congratulate Sv Bell, Patric Aird, Isabelle Stephen and their team because even though this quality product was filmed in one day, it professionalism puts it ahead of the pack.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- A throat is cut by a knife.

Memorables characters
- Isha (Suzi Lorraine)

Released in: 2003

Movie type: Horror - Gore - Thriller - Taboos

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( 2004-06-02 )  

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