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"The thin line between man and monster..."

Bob is tied up on a char in his computer room, a gun pointed to his head. His aggressor, Steve, accuses him of having murdered his daughter and a number of other children via the Internet. Steve believes that Bob is a monster that surfs the web seeking children.

Bob denies this and tries to reason with the armed man, but in vain. Steve brandishes what he is convinced is the head of a monster… Bob’s. Because Bob still has both hands, he concludes that Bob must be able to regenerate himself. It becomes more and more difficult for Bob to bring his assailant back to reality. To save some time, he invites him to watch three short films on his website:

Last Stop Station
A journalist stops at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. He is served by what seems to be a group of toga wearing monsters. He immortalizes the moment using his camera but the creatures stop him from leaving. His engine no longer runs and he is seized by fear. He gives them his credit card but they destroy it: they want his camera. He tries to keep the film but they steal it as well.

The journalist leaves but only to seek help. He invites an accomplice to return. This time, they are armed with a video camera and a replacement camera. If their operation is successful, their clichés will make the cover page.

Shadows in the Garden
A killer is on the loose; according to the media, he prefers full moons. Tonight just so happens to be one. A monster covered in vegetation lurks in the neighbourhood. He stops in the garden of a woman who sleeps. The monster spies on her, waiting for the appropriate moment.

A man and woman share a moment of intimacy in a bed. The woman explains her nostalgia of a man she once admired. Ever since this relation, she hasn’t stopped recreating the moments she shared with this man with her new partners. However, recreating her past involves certain elements that she keeps secret from her lovers.





Spam, the story that features the three tales, is one of the most interesting sketch film contexts that I have had the chance to see. These lone two actors succeed in creating tension that will last until the end. At first, one or the other could be right. We discover soon enough, after the first story, which one is lying. Even after this, there are still a few mysteries to be solved.

The actors are very good. The suspense revolves around Steve certitude of Bob’s guilt and Bob’s certainty of his innocence. The ambient music is appropriate and the face shots work marverlously. The special effects, considering the budget, are welcome.

Last Stop Station
We could say that the four stories have in common the fact that they blur the thin line between man and monster. Last Stop Station acts as a conventional monster tale with its part of exclusivity and irregular ending.

I was first absorbed by many elements but the finale destroyed my expectations. Creepshow, Tales From the Crypt and the like established expectations in the viewer’s mind : that any short horror film builds up suspense until its culmination. The story’s ending disappointed me but this might only be because I am used to this standard.

Last Stop Station is filmed entirely in black and white, there is lots of fog and the monsters are well presented.

Shadows in the Garden
Shadows in the Garden simply didn’t work for me. For a short film, it spends too much time observing a monster’s behaviour and is drenched in useless symbolism.

I still enjoyed the way the introduction made so much sense after the conclusion.

This horror-drama tale with a psychological flavour is the most down to earth. If you’ve ever compared your current significant other to an ex or tried to recreate the comfort you had in the past, you will understand what Quench is all about.

The performances are good, the dialogues are consistent (and quickly transformed into as effective monologues) and for such a short tale, it is well spread out.

Final Thoughts

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Released in: 2003

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Monsters

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( 2004-07-09 )  

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