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Child's play

"The doll that talks, walks... and has a criminal record!"

The local strangler is pursued and killed by a detective. However, just before dying, he transfers his soul into a doll.

A few days pass and the doll is offered to a young boy: Andy. Nobody wants to believe Andy when he says he has conversations with Chucky, his doll. One day, when Andyís baby sitter unconsciously offends Chucky, he murders her. Everything points to Andy: he is locked up for observation, far from the doll he accuses of the murder.

Chucky doesnít like being separated from Andy. He hates the body that imprisons him and the only way he can leave it is to transfer his soul into the body of the first person to which he has revealed his secret. He will kill anyone that will come in his way.





The movie evolves slowly compared to the other movies in the series but isnít it normal for an original? Childís Play has stayed in lots of peopleís minds. This electronically animated doll (and sometimes modeled) really makes us shiver.

Movies that exploit fear of being the victim of a usually unanimated object has always had good results and Childís Play, in my opinion, is the best of its category.

Another aspect that makes this movie interesting is that we are not only talking about a possessed doll but of a murderous living doll who does everything a human could do and is a victim of its state.

Brad Dourif does a great job giving Chucky a personality by swearing, insulting and shouting. It is really a pleasure to admire this little creature constantly swear.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- The way that Andy's mother realizes that the doll is really alive.
- Chucky's reaction when Andy's mother shakes him too much.

Memorables characters
- Chucky / Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif)

Released in: 1988

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Monsters

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( 2001-08-29 )  

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