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Alien Vs. Predator

A pyramid buried 2000 feet under the ground is discovered by the Weyland corporation. A large group of explorers is united to investigate. Three nations are told to have contributed to the pyramid’s construction, which baffles visitors.

The pyramid walls soon collapse, but not before two barbarian clans, the predators and the aliens, join the party. The humans have much more to fear that simple cold and isolation. One by one, they become prey for the extraterrestrials.





My expectations concerning Alien Vs. Predator were not high. What affected me the most wasn’t the battle of the races but the setting fit for a claustrophobic’s worst nightmares.

The film doesn’t shy away from special effects, gadgets and murders. Indeed, many humans succumb to the beasts. However, almost no blood is shed notably because the violence occurs off screen and is left to the imagination.

Lance Henriksen is perfect in the nuanced role of President Weyland. Sanaa Lathan, for her part, inherits of a tern main role. For the rest of the team, lets just say it gets decimated before we have the time to learn their names.

We could say that Alien Vs. Predator is divided into blocks: the site’s discovery, the elimination of most of the humans and the fight between both “superior” races. This division in the storyline disappointed me.

What I disliked the most in the film is the alliance between races that don’t have anything to do there if we take the Antarctica story seriously.

Whether you enjoyed Freddy Vs. Jason or not, the similarities are minimal. I enjoyed Alien Vs. Predator’s frenetic rate but not its last half hour.

Final Thoughts

Memorables aspects
- The aliens
- The predators

Memorables characters
- An explorer is impaled by a lance.
- A torso explodes from the inside.

Released in: 2004

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Monsters - Science Fiction

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( 2004-08-27 )  

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