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"For each guest, a deadly trap awaits..."

Half a dozen children with strong personalities end up, thanks to an ad in the newspaper, in a house, under surveillance by cameras. These cameras are everywhere. They wonder what is hidden behind the cover of this newspaper ad.

While opening a locked cupboard, Tina is the first to learn the true reason of the ad. Several sharp knives fall on her and tear her apart. Iron walls block the exits and the guests quickly understand that they will also suffer the same fate.

Kyra, bombarded by visions and flashbacks, predicts these events and tries to escape but fails. The murderer seems to walk through walls and is very determined to exterminate everyone.





At first, it wasn’t too sure about renting this movie because on the case we could see, between the lines, that it was the typical Slasher movie. However, this was only half true. We do not see the killer’s face until the end, which deprives him of any kind of personality. A good point in the movie is that the murders come from traps that were set earlier and these are not simple traps!

The dialogue is remarkably weak: sentences like “We will go explore the house, scream if something happens” remind us that we are watching a low-budget movie.

The final revelation surprises us but isn’t very original. It makes sense but it isn’t very complicated.

Briefly, this movie keeps the suspense going from the middle to the end and the murders are very original.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Tina getting sliced into 4 and surviving
- Visions of the murderer tearing the flesh of his face.
- Gary recieves acid in his face.

Memorables characters

Released in: 1999

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Thriller

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( 2001-09-04 )  


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