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A mysterious man is an erotic photographer by day and a murderous rapist after nightfall. His girlfriend doesn’t suspect a thing. She isn’t wary of the multiple degrading comments he formulates about her either. Her younger sister, for her part, expects the worse and tries to warn her, in vain.

Las Vegas is the city of predilection for the photographer. It abounds with prostitutes and tourists which he must immortalize.





Many such cult films have been released recently. Among those that come to mind, The Hillside Strangler is the one that most ressembles Murder-Set-Pieces. Murder-Set-Pieces is much more violent than the former but its narration is horrible. It is one thing to try and enrage the viewer, but when the victims remain unknown, the impact is limited.

Nick Palumbo, director, offers us a collection of gratuitous massacres. The violence is gripping. The blood and screams are so real that we get the feeling we are watching snuff filmed in 35mm. Still, the film has its good points. After all, shouldn’t horror movies seek, on occasion, to horrify its audience? Murder-Set-Pieces neglects the capricious expectations of the typical film buff of its era while remaining conscious of its weaknesses.

Sven Garrett, the actor behind the photographer, doesn’t need to frown or scream to look like a psychopath. The role fits him like a glove. The victims, for their part, only need to scream but they do this very well. His girlfriend and her sister play the role of heroes in the film, but on-screen presence is very limited.

Murder-Set-Piece’s most obvious strong points are its intensity and realism while its greatest flaw is to badly manage quantity and quality.

Final Thoughts

Memorables aspects

Memorables characters
- The photographer (Sven Garrett)

Released in: 2004

Movie type: Horror - Gore - Thriller - Diseases - Taboos - Sexuality - Nudity

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( 2005-01-06 )  

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