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Jaqueline Hyde

Jackie, telemarketing agent, inherits her recently deceased uncle’s house. The place is like a giant jack-in-a-box with its impressive structure and its many gizmos. Jackie even comes upon a small laboratory where gets a hold of the potion her uncle spent years perfecting. While manipulating one of the flasks, she unknowingly spills the substance in her wine and drinks it. She immediately suffers hallucinations then turns into someone completely different, both mentally and physically. The potion acts like a drug, causing addiction and altering her perception of the world. It even goes as far as granting wishes.





Two hours after watching this movie, you probably won’t remember the few horror scenes it has to offer. We are watching, we are anticipating, but the thrills, the mystery and the violence never satisfy. Curiously, the movie really is presented as a horror movie but all we are shown is voyeurism, exhibitionism, erotic dances, small, medium and large breasts, preliminaries, instant orgasms and more instant orgasms. Jaqueline Hyde has more in common with softcore pornography than horror. Gore and sex do sell, it’s a fact, but for different reasons and thanks to two distinct audiences, in my opinion. Still, some writers obsessively keep on mixing the two and the end result can be disastrous.

This said, a bit of nudity can be appreciated especially if it also involves good acting. Nobody here deserves an award, but they are all credible. The transition between scenes is easy to make because they know what they are doing. The movie starts lacking substance after the first half. Fortunately, the two actresses impersonating Jaqueline are so intense and focused that we get the impression that there is more to the story. The shooting crew also did a great job. The camera is always active when needed and almost makes us feel like voyeurs. Considering the context, it is appropriate.

If you cannot afford good special effects because your budget went to hiring an actress with fifty movies under her belt ("Full Body Massage", "Erotic Confessions", "Centerfold", "Masseuse 2", "Girls III", "Sex Files: Alien Erotica", "The Escort III", "The Pleasure Zone", "Virgins of Sherwood Forest", "Emanuelle 2000" and "The Seductress", to name a few), then please don't use any. There are two well done gore scenes but too many computer generated effects made me lose interest.

The movie has its share of cute women and plenty of nudity. Unfortunately, I can hardly imagine what kind of audience this movie will attract. I cannot recommend this to horror fans. Lonely single males might want to make Gabriella Hall's acquaintance in the movies listed above.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- Instant orgasms

Memorables characters

Released in: 2005

Movie type: Horror - Thriller - Taboos - Sexuality - Nudity - Addictions

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( 2005-09-10 )  

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