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Fear: Resurrection, The

"Who said fear helps you avoid danger?"

Some guy's friends gather in a secluded house, deep in the woods to celebrate Halloween. All have been told to come dressed in a costume that symbolizes their worst fear or phobia.

Their host and his family are hiding shameful memories which surface when an indian dummy that was supposed to be use in ceremonial ritual comes to life. The spirit that inhabits the dummy forces the youths to face their worst fears in the worst circumstances.





The first minutes enables us to guess what the movie will be like, and I was delighted at the thought of murders related to specific phobias. I was half wrong ...

I wanted, first of all, to see the costumes. I thought that if your job consists in writing a script for a movie that will be viewed by thousands of fans, you try your best. I was wrong. The intellectual who's afraid of water comes dressed as a shark : not that bad. The nice young girl who is claustrophobic arrives dressed in a box : wow! that must have cost a lot! The snobby girl who can't stand the sight of blood wears a red ball gown instead of drowning herself in a pool of blood and the girl who's afraid of snakes wears a dress with reptilian patterns. The lead character has a mystical fear of the dummy that tries to kill them all and his girlfriend is afraid of jesters. Then, you can feel how tired the author must have been when it came to choose a costume for the guy who is afraid of taking decisions, giving him a costume strewn with exclamation marks. Then, to kill his career as an author, he decided that the guy who is afraid of high places wouldn't wear a costume.

As I've said before, the killer is supposed to plan his murders depending on his victim's worst fear. Naturally, that was easily done with the fear of hights, blood and water. But what was to be done about the jesters, snakes and tight and dark spaces? Well, simply attack them in a fashion that has absolutely nothing to do with their fears. I must say that the guy who can't take decisions was given a hard time but since he couldn't choose, some one did it for him, completely ruining what could have been an excellent scene.

Violence is nearly absent in this movie, murders can be counted on three fingers but the actors have some talent. The most violent scene is definitely the one where one of the girls explicitely falls down the stairs after fighting with her boyfriend.

Final Thoughts

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Memorables aspects
- The killer dummy hammering a toilet with his victim's head, still alive.
- The hard dilemma that the guy that can't take decisions lives.

Memorables characters

Released in: 1998

Movie type: Horror - Slasher - Monsters

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( 2001-09-04 )  


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