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Others, The

"Children who fear sunlight..."

England, 1945. Three housekeepers, wishing to find work, arrive at a large mansion where live a woman and her two children. The husband had left to house to go to war, leaving the children and mother by themselves.

The new workers are surprised to have to follow strict rules regarding the children: they must lock every door behind them when moving through the house and must always leave the curtains of every room closed.

After dark, odd noises are heard throughout the house, doors lock themselves, the sound of walking and children playing come from within the walls. The mother of the family, trying to reassure herself rationally, puts the blame on the new housekeepers. However, events constantly worsen and the housekeepers cannot be accused.





I had gotten good excellent reviews from horror lovers about this movie. I was confidant that I was going to enjoy it because I was informed that the movie contained no 3D effects.

Nicole Kidman gives us a quality film and the acting has my benediction. I was awaiting a few humoristic scenes that we are used to seeing everywhere but except for Anne’s questions (which makes us think), there is no humor. I appreciated to the highest level the possibility to take seriously a story of the sort.

Ever since the beginnings of horror, humoristic scenes bombard us. These are followed by a bit of suspense that ends when an idiot surprises us. The same thing happens again and again. However, the suspense in The Others is intelligent. The majority of the movie is in the darkness because of the supposed allergy the kids have to light. In addition, there is no electricity in the home, the old wooden floors that make noise when walked on, Grace doesn’t have an automobile, the manor is surrounded by a forest, candles that try to reveal things we do not wish to see and all the little details that were considered by the movie makers.

The ending of the movie is excellent considering the movie as a whole, but it has already been done. I do not wish to talk about the conclusion more because the rest of the movie petrified me and because I do not wish to reveal it. I wouldn’t watch this movie more than once because it is the kind of movie that makes us curious to know more. The events seem related to a reason that we only partly understand. Happily, most of our questions are answered eventually. The conclusion doesn’t reveal everything that happened in the movie but the essential is and what remains is left to our suppositions.

Final Thoughts

Memorables aspects
- Grace goes up to her daughter’s room and finds her playing with a doll in her communion costume. When she bends over to see her face, she realizes that there is an old woman hidden behind the veil.
- The images in the book of the head may haunt you after the movie.
- The final scene

Memorables characters
- Anne (Alakina Mann)
- The old witch (Renée Asherson)

Released in: 2001

Movie type: Horror - Gothism - Thriller - Haunting - Historical

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( 2001-10-04 )  

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