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Yesterday was a terrible day in terms of spam and viruses. Indeed, a new virus has been released on the internet (you can read about it here). This bastard has really been clogging my inbox. Yesterday, I received 327 spam/virus emails. I usually only get about 50-60 per day.

Have you been getting more email lately? If you receive more than I do, what spam filtering solution do you use? Iíve installed POPFile at home and it does a decent job. However, I havenít been using it long enough to train it properly and now itís been churning out too many false positives for my liking. In addition, various email addresses have been spoofed by the new virus so Iíve been getting literally hundreds of bounced back messages (because I receive anything that is sent to that hasnít been associated to anyone else). Therefore, Iíve trained it to kill those too but now Iíll never know if my messages get bounced back.

At work, Iíve got Microsoft Outlook 2003 and, before this new wave started, it worked pretty well. I havenít taken a look at how it works but I didnít have to train it. Obviously, MS took time to classify spam for us. However, I havenít seen anything that would enable me to classify a certain email as spam for future reference. Maybe I havenít looked hard enough (probably) but lately, their spam filter has been letting through my favorite new email "The message contains Unicode characters and has been sent as a binary attachment".

In any case, what do you use? What has worked best? Iím most interested in hearing from people who get lots of spam/viruses which are, I imagine, mostly webmasters but if you just happen to receive lots of mail (which you didnít sign up for ), write me a message. Just make sure you donít leave the body/title blank because my spam filter will eat you up :).

Email me using the link millions of spammers will use :)

Updated 02/02/04: I received over 2800 spam/virus emails in the last 7 days. Not too bad: 2800 emails/week * 20k/email * 3 billion me's = why the internet is slow

Jason  ( 2004-01-28 )


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