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The Passion of the Christ

The Passion of the ChristIn The Passion of the Christ, we are shown the last twelve hours in the life of Jesus, from his capture to his crucifixion. Why the last twelve hours? Some will claim that they will make you realize how much Jesus has suffered for us and others, who will view the movie from a more objective perspective, will affirm that this period is the most violent in the Christ’s life and, therefore, is the most probable to cause controversy.

The Passion of the ChristWhile the Christ was whipped to the point of having flesh ripped of his body, I noticed some spectators turning their heads and even saw tears run down a viewer’s cheek. It was at this moment that I realized that we are experiencing the same feelings as those who first viewed The Exorcist in movie theaters in 1973.

The Passion of the ChristThe film troubled me but did not shock me. Being such a hardcore horror movie buff, I had trouble containing my interior frustration of witnessing so much graphical violence. The previous sentence may seem like a contradiction so allow me to explain: I was now frustrated at the violence, I was frustrated to see how the MPAA allowed the scenes to remain intact while it decimates horror productions of their most excessive scenes. This ignorant and hypocritical organization goes against the freedom of expression. Popular religions, by their severe and sure of themselves nature, can only be right or wrong. If there is any justice on this earth, why should such a film receive such a preferential treatment?

As an adult, I claim the right to view any film I desire in its integrity. If a film deserves a preferential treatment in the senile eyes of the MPAA, this organization is by definition dishonest.

Steve  ( 2004-03-23 )


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