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Alien Vs. Predator

It’s official! Alien vs. Predator is in post-production! Predator had its moment of fame but there are definitively more fans who appreciate the Alien series.

Freddy Vs. Jason did very well at the box office and this is mainly due to the fact that these two monsters have symbolized “mainstream” horror for the last twenty years. They give meaning to the term “icon”. We can’t say as much for the creatures in both Predator movies. Alien, however, marvelously combines science-fiction and horror. In addition, it is armed with a solid scenario and has generated worthy sequels distinctive of an excellent series. One question haunts my mind and it might also have crossed yours: are big studios so predictable that they are constrained to spawn the Monster vs. Monster vogue that seemingly started this year? Do they believe that they are the pioneers of a tendency that takes its roots in comic books or even theology?

The story is simple: races cannot coexist on our planet. It is in Antarctica than humans, aliens and predators wage war. The action takes place in sacred grounds buried deep beneath the ice. Alien vs. Predator should come out in August 2004. Click here to watch the teaser trailer.

Steve  ( 2004-03-22 )


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