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Radio8ball is back on the air. Your host is actor-musician Andras Jones (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4, The Attic Expeditions) and by musical director Tammy Tillinghurst. Its concept is simple yet interesting: someone in the audience calls in, asks a question to the oracle and obtains a symbolic answer via a random song. Andras and Tammy help the caller analyze its signification. People from around the world call in and I invite you to do the same.

What we consider occult or even borderline science-fiction today will be a part of our reality tomorrow. It is through the understanding of the past and present that we create our future and divining tools weren’t invented yesterday. We developed the interactive website for soon before its return to the airwaves. It is very representative of the show. Not only will it allow you to analyze the meaning of its answers, it also integrates Crowley-Toth tarot, a magic 8 ball, lyrics and « Pop Ghetto » music.

Do you believe in absolute randomness or destiny? In my opinion, both theories are plausible. According to Andras, the power of the oracle exists wherever there is a random act and a consciousness capable of grasping its significance.

The last Tuesday of every month, at 8PM PST, go check out Kaos FM or tune into 89.3 FM if you’re in the Olympia, WA region.

Steve  ( 2004-05-09 )


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