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iWeb Hosting now available in English

They've finally done it.

For almost four years now, has had a presence on the web thanks to a Montreal-based web hosting company named iWeb Hosting. As opposed to some other companies, we don't hide our web host. We're so pleased by their service that we refer them to all our clients. The only trouble I had was that I wanted to refer English speaking customers to them, but their website was solely in French. As of today, the iWeb Technologies Group has gone multilingual. They now offer their service not only in French but also in English and (soon) Spanish.

You can view their web hosting site at to check out their solutions for yourself: iWeb Hosting: shared web hosting plans, MyServerNow: dedicated servers, InstantColo: colocation and (soon to be translated) iWeb Reservation: domain name registration. iWeb offers quality web hosting at competitive prices. I must admit I've never seen such a dedicated technical support team and I must say that their workforce is their competitive advantage.

Why did I choose them four years ago? iWeb Hosting hosts web sites on Microsoft Windows, in addition to Linux. Most web sites are fine running on a Linux box with PHP scripting / CGI programming. I chose a different path when I started developing. Sure, I can program in PHP/CGI but what really interested me was ASP and now ASP.NET. iWeb Hosting offers a quality web hosting platform that supports ASP and ASP.NET. For me, ASP.NET is a necessity, considering my programming contracts utilize this development platform. Simply put, their hosting architecture is ideal for web developers like me.

Some of you might remember a period when's Astroboy was linked by Yahoo Korea for Kids. I would never had thought that such massive traffic to would be possible. For a few weeks in April 2002, we were visited by 35 000 Koreans each and every night. How did the site support this pseudo-slashdotting? Perfectly! What I hadn't thought of at first was the bandwidth that would be consumed by a million visitors each downloading a 500k Flash game and's (far from light-weight) interface. Had I been elsewhere, I would have gotten a nice surprise bill of hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars. iWeb Hosting offers unlimited traffic to its shared hosting clients (they don't meter the connection), so no extra costs were incurred.

Some of you web-savvy people might have noticed that I'm not linking to their site using an affiliate ID of some sorts, even if they do support this. I wanted to inform you of them because I genuinely believe they offer a great service. I've been waiting four years to post this message in English and the time has finally come.

Jason  ( 2004-07-29 )


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