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Terror Cards ( has reviewed, from the get go, movies that obtain theatrical releases, films with medium-sized budgets that are only found on your video store’s aisles and those that only interest some hardcore fans: micro budget flicks.

In the middle of the eighties, Topps’ “Fright Flicks” cards were thrilling horror fans everywhere. They have long since been discontinued but I have good news for those who are nostalgic of that era. Terror Cards offers its first series of 50 trading card, featuring characters from low budget horror films. These cards are available in certain comic book shops (sold in packs of 8) and on (box of 12 packs).

The cards’ illustrations are taken from films such as “Dead Next Dead”, “Witchouse 2 and 2”, “Addicted to Murder” and “Exhumed”. Among the distributors that are involved we find Tempe Entertainment, Brimstone Media, Fear Films, 4th Floor Pictures, Frontline Films and BV-Entertainment. Are you attracted by “Scream Queens”? The creators took this into account while designing the cards. A few limited edition cards are even autographed!

Whether you are interested or just curious, we invite you to subscribe to the newsletter . You could win a box of cards!

Steve  ( 2004-08-03 )


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