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Web Design Portfolio v3.0 Now Online

We've launched our new corporate website. It contains some new items that we finally got around to adding. In this version, we're moving away from the safe corporate look & feel. Our new look represents the type of web design we want to be doing in the future: websites that need creative web design. We're not about quantity, we're about quality, and hope you'll request our services for your next project!

Steve decided to showcase his versatility by including some funky Flash animations, included videos, 3D characters, 2D characters and simply great web design. I came in and forced him to use some non-Flash navigation and plugged-in a multilingual content management system.

As you know, we’re based in Gatineau, Québec, Canada, but we have customers from all over the world. Maybe you’ll be the next one!

Jason  ( 2007-12-04 )


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