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Broken Wings on Facebook

Broken Wings on Facebook
It’s been three years since Broken Wings was first released all over the Web.

The following year, we upgraded the game six times. Each new version included either a new fail-safe, a new level, more weapon flexibility and/or fixed bugs.

At one point, we even implemented a new steering mode, the “Automatic” handling, to reduce inertia, pleasing the fans who just couldn’t keep up with the mayhem.

All this work payed off, making Broken Wings one of the most solid, awesome and epileptic Flash games out there!

Newgrounds, our sponsor and friend, makes this project all the more awesome as it allows us to update the game at will while propagating our changes and upgrades everywhere this game is broadcasted on the Web.

Today, we are proud to announce we are launching Broken Wings as a Facebook application. It is still free to use, it still kicks ass, but soon you’ll need to remember and take your breath between levels if you want to live to tell your friends about it. What’s more, you just might get to compete against them in a near future as we are planning some cool updates and a more in-depth Facebook integration.

Visit Broken Wings’ Facebook page now

Steve  ( 2011-04-19 )


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