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Online RPG

Three months ago, I started to work on my first online role playing game. I imagined a game where no one feels controled or guided by a story line. All too often, RPG's impose what events you need to realize throughout the game to conquer an evil force. This makes for a nice cinematographic effect, but leaves little or no liberty to the gamer.

Hence, I started to try and capture what all gamers want and were unable to find in previous RPGs.

What if they could really get under their character's skin? If they could not only create a character that represents them but create one that could represent their child mixed with a bit of luck.

At the start of the game, you will be asked around thirty questions to develop the attitude and personality of your future character: favorite colour, ambitions, etc. All of these questions will determine the way your character will fight, the weapons he or she will carry, his or her goals, compatibility with other players, etc.

The games creation has just started, but I will keep you updated on the major steps in the game's conception. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions.

Steve  ( 2001-07-04 )


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