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A few answers

We are approaching one hundred thousand visits. Hacky the Raccoon has received excellent comments and even more questions.

Lots of people have been asking us where the soundtrack came from. We first had in mind to work with new bands, especially to help them get known by the public, since we're in the exact same situation as they are. On the other hand, as time passed, game bugs duplicated themselves and we were getting tons of contracts. So, we figured we would remix some random songs. The "combat" music is from the Sega Saturn game "Guardian Heroes" : an excellent underrated game that mixes combat, platform games and role playing games. The selection menu music is only a 1995 eurodance track played in a loop. For the introduction, however, the music was taken from the movie "The Sixth Sense".

By now, you all know the identity of the "secret" character, Drew Barrymore. Personally, she is my favourite character and statistically, she is the best. Statistically, also, only one percent of the players has been able to play with her in the game. I challenge you to change this situation. Why?, you ask?. Your guess is as good as mine. If you need imagination, let me tell you that she not only is the fastest player but that also she must be shivering of cold.

Steve  ( 2001-08-27 )


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