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Ahhh women...

First, there was man. Then, I created women. The most difficult wasn't the bust or butt but more the thinness of the body as a whole.

The body members being thinner, longer and partially nude, their movements became suspicious at any occasion.

Furthermore, we are starting to recruit voices for the characters. Americans and Canadians will surely take part and we plan on using Asians for this project as well.

Have you been told that you have a nice voice? Or maybe a horrible one? A radio voice or a child's voice? This is exactly the style of voices we are looking for. Over twenty important characters will need an actor to take life. If you wish to participate, please write to us and describe yourself. Your information sheet includes a quality photograph, a mini resume and links to your realisations, if applicable. The game will be entirely in English, at least for the first version. Include, as a vocal test, the following phrases:

- "There isn't enough room in here for the 30 of us!"
- "If I can't defeat you, maybe this lightning bolt will! "
- "Ten seconds till you die!"

Send everything to [email protected] and we will keep in contact.

Steve  ( 2001-12-24 )


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