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Cube 2 : The game

Four years ago, sci-fi/horror movie Cube revolutionized the reputation of b-independent films. Seven people trapped in a 17'x17' cube would try finding their way out, moving from room to room, all similar in appearance but sometimes equipped with deadly traps. Cube 2 will soon be released all around the world and has been put in charge of the conception of the movie's official online game. We are currently working on the implementation of gravity and on the overall pseudo 3d look of characters. It will be our most complex game to this day and hopefully the most addictive one. On the other hand, Q-Lee Digital Pictures and are researching a female voice. We invite you to send in an audio sample of your acting talent. The winning candidate will be hearing her voice in the game. Furthermore, her name will be added to a casting database at Q-Lee Digital Pictures, video editing specialists, and could be contacted for later projects. The samples should be sent by email to href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected] before May 17th in .mp3 or .wav audio formats with a file size under 1mb. The following text is not the final one but simply the contents of your audition. Please use an explicative and narrative tone while still remaining expressive. "The Hypercube is a four-dimensional object. It can only exist in its true form in hyperspace. It is the next dimension higher than the cube. We are not capable of seeing in four dimensions. We can't even see in three! That's because our retinas are flat, we can't see an entire cube at the same time. Only when we project the cube onto a two-dimensional surface we can fully visualize it. We can also cheat and see the entire hypercube, but only when using the same method." We invite you all to participate!

Steve  ( 2002-05-02 )


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