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The Hacker's Source

A little less than two years ago, The Hackerís Source magazine was born. It is a horror magazine by and for independent horror fans in the image of what it represents: a world without censorship, without greed, without pretension and limitless. Eve Blaack provided us with the ninth edition of the project she directs, assembles, publishes and partially composes for our evaluation. I was satisfied, proud even, to learn that such a magazine had the audacity to exist. Horror fans are somewhat rare but independent horror fans are even more. What could push a team to devote so much time and effort for such a restricted public? I partially understood while casually browsing the magazine.

In 1996, Scream revolutionized horror films. This next step in horrorís history multiplied the self-proclaimed horror fans that actually couldnít even name one of the movieís characters. This is not my vision of a fan and even less Hackerís Source's. It is through a pile of information and condensed fiction that we learn this fact. Poetry, stories, interviews, comics, trivia questions, reader comments, short facts, URLs and illustrations form this collection. We can discern a slight ďgothic cultureĒ inspiration to the magazine as well as a fatalist feeling from time to time.

Hard not to notice the ďBanned in CanadaĒ logo that figures yellow on black on the front page. According to Bob Eddy, editorialist, the Canadian customs confiscated a copy offered as a present, condemning it for pornography. Useless to say that had to drive down to the border to obtain a copy of The Hackerís Source, read it and give it to the first person in sight to be assured of a peaceful return to Canada.

As a perfectionist graphic artist, I must underline the poor quality of the images, the amateur page layouts, the non-uniformity of the fonts and typographical rules. However, as we most often forget, the quality only affects the presentation, not the contents. The Hackerís Source teaches, makes us laugh but mostly makes us realize how proud we are to be a loyal fan, a collector or only a curious reader. Because independent horror films donít have the chance to be promoted as well as they would like to be, this magazine offers them this privilege in addition to what it does for the community.

The Hackerís Source encourages its contributors. Like most independent film celebrities, they, for the most part, have full time jobs and donate some of their free time for the love of their passion.

††††Interesting Facts

90% of the contents is based on independent films, leaving 10% for classics and administered films

1000 copies are published four times a year. The inscription can easily be done online. A few stores in Chicago, Los Angels and Houston also offer the magazine.

The Hackerís Source is always looking for new authors and especially for creative entries for its repertoire.

Web site : The Hacker's Source
Contact : Eve Blaack

Steve  ( 2002-05-29 )


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