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About us

Since's creation, our experience in terms of interaction with the public, entrepreneurship, development, programming and design has risen at a surprising rate.

Until now, was a portal to our various achievements. We were often asked what were our limits, what we specialized in and what markets we were targetting.

Regarding conception and creation, were aren't limited because we utilize the latest technologies and we learn as obstacles arise. Our target audience is one that is outside of the norm. Artists, production studios and new media agencies are our main clients.

Our new portfolio contains more information on the subject and we invite you to have a look at it. Steve Hutchison and myself, Jason Kealey, were, until now, perhaps merely cartoon characters but with this new section you will discover who we are, how the team is involved in the various projects and who composes our team.

Jason  ( 2002-06-18 )


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