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A new writer

A handful of projects have kept the web development team extremely busy recently. Those who visit the "Reviews" section on a regular basis will understand it hasn't stopped us from increasing our repertoire. Because our reviews are now listed on indexes such as (Internet Movie Database), (Movie Review Query Engine), and but especially because our users have requested a direct link to our movie review section we recently purchased two domain names: and These new domains clearly demonstrate our specialization in reviewing horror films.

While Steve Hutchison focused on giving you his opinion on horror flicks for the last 14 months, others have also shared their point of view regarding the genres they are respectively devoted to. I am Rock Langlois. Like your two webmasters, I live in Hull, a mainly bilingual industrial city located in the province of Quebec. I will cover comedies from now on. Here is my first article: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Feel free to comment my style, in a constructive manner as much as possible!

Rock  ( 2002-08-25 )


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