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Tell me the Truth: new features

Even though Steve and I have been extremely busy lately, I took a few hours to modify the beauty contest. In fact, Tell me the Truth had a major problem. Users that hosted their pictures at free webhosters such as had problems with our picture rating system. The origin of the problem was not with our site but with the webhoster's because many of them decided to stop allowing pictures they host from being used on external sites. (They can only be used on sites hosted by the same webhoster).

In any cas, we found a way to avoid all of this and with our new technique the navigation should be quicker and, therefore, more enjoyable for you, our dear visitors. Furthermore, we have put back online the pictures that had been unavailable since geocities and other webhosters took the decision of no longer accepting remote linking.

Please note that everything is in testing: if you find any errors, tell us!

On another note, you will notice that our new Shade logo is visible on these images.!

Jason  ( 2002-11-17 )


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