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Interesting upcoming horror movie

Evil Rises: Darkness FallsI recently came upon an interesting, soon to be released, film by Sony Pictures called Darkness Falls. It will be released in mid-January. The film's trailer [ Windows Media Player: High, Low | Real Player: High, Low | QuickTime ] caught my attention but I am discussing this with you today because I would like your opinion on movie websites.

Recently, movie producers have been investing more and more time (and money) developing interesting websites packed with creative content for their upcoming releases. Personally, I think it's a great way to stir up some excitement for the films. No longer are we limited to a simple access point for the synopsis, trailers and cast: studios are developing fresh content that is an add-on to the film. As an example, Darkness Falls features Fear Cards" and Create Your Own Nightmare" which are spooky Macromedia Flash animations you can customize and send to your friends: a perfect gift for Friday the 13th.

Last year, a visually stunning French film, Vidocq recreated the film's setting and ambiance in its website. I viewed the site after seeing the movie: I was stunned by the developers' achievement in making us feel we are a part of the film. Such coordination by the film crew and the web development experts should be more common.

Personally, I think it is worthwhile that studios hire talented graphical artists to offer an enhanced experience and diverse content to their visitors. [ It also gives us work :) ] What do you think? Do you visit movie websites before they are released? Do you think they are worth it? Would seeing a good site incite you to go to the movies? Would you like for our reviews [] to link to those sites and trailers? Tell me!.

[ I would ask you to post on the forum but it is so lame that it embarrasses me :) Don't worry though, a newer one is on the way: we want you to share your opinions with other visitors. ]

Have a nice Friday the 13th!

Jason  ( 2002-12-12 )


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