It is constantly referenced in occult literature, everywhere in the world, in the course of time. It is studied by monks and desired by athletes. Everybody is looking for it their own way, in one form or another. The majority of people who think they have it are in fact bearer of nothing more than its vague allusion.

I know something that you don’t about yourself. I own the proof that a magic power sleeps inside you and I want to show it to you. To do so, all I need from you is interest, rigor, your bed and an oscillating fan.

These pages focus on an occult formula that I learned from my sensei and tweaked. They include no superfluous detail and are the subject or a deep reflection. I am counting on my communications skills to teach you my power. I will be contemporary, friendly, but objective.



  "The historical and artistic values of the occult enchant me, but it is science I live by. I was taught what I know. I therefore hold a proof that at least one phenomenon some label as supernatural really exists. Because a bearer of the power told me the formula, and since the results were as described, I am attempting the same experience on you. Perhaps were you once witness to a phenomenon you could not explain. You probably mentioned it to someone close who likely seemed skeptical. If this sums it up, I assume you ended up spending fewer thoughts to the incident as time went by, at the point of questioning events you once considered factual.
  I can activate my power when I want to, in almost all conditions. My power can shock the worst of skeptics because the proof reiterates at need. But, to become a legit proof, the power has to be taught, shared, enhanced or studied. I will be providing good arguments for any exotic practice. Moreover, I will never be fanciful. The few circumstances having to be met and the few accessories required for the upcoming exercises have little to do with the beyond, and everything to do with science, mental and physical energy, motivation, your state of mind. And, as with the trust you have to put in me from this moment on, you must temporarily passionate yourself, apply yourself and submit to the rules. If you succeed in activating the power, you will never need to go through the initial exercise of this manual again. You will be in a position of activating it at will. You will then enter an exploratory phase if you feel like it."
"I am a skeptic but I have a power and I cannot deny it. I want to give it to you but, for it to work, I need your trust.
This manual is purposely concise. I am neither a guru, a magician, a new age boutique clerk, and I am agnostic. That is why you have to trust me for a very brief period of your life, long enough to assimilate my knowledge. I will weigh my words and you must play along. Understand that you need to suspend your beliefs in order to access a state of mind already familiar to you but to which you probably pay very little attention. I am counting on the interest you have for this manual. Use this interest to trust me.
Many people are passionate of religion, occult, or simply dream of super powers or moon dust. The power is easily accessible to whoever is credulous and determined enough, permanently or temporarily.
What differentiates this manual from a bible, or books on the occult, or positive thinking, is its scientific tangent. It includes no superfluous detail and is the subject of a careful consideration. I am relying on my own communication skills to teach you my power. I will be contemporary, friendly, but objective."
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About the author: Steve Hutchison
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Magic for beginners
Powers for starters
  Born in Gatineau, Canada, in 1980, Steve Hutchison works in science, art and communications. With a background in video games, film and illustration, he early on specializes in concept art, screenwriting, game design, 2D & 3D illustration, and artificial intelligence engineering.
  Steve notably worked as a horror movie critic, as an artist at University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine, as a teacher at Ottawa’s La Cité collégiale, and as a visual communications specialist at Cégep de l’Outaouais.  


For people interested in or who believe in magic, the occult, the supernatural, the paranormal, the esoteric, incantations, powers, magic powers, super powers, or witchcraft. For the person interested in self-improvement, self-help, personal development, personal growth or personal coaching. For people performing a martial art. For rational spirits looking for scientific proof.

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Manuscript published in august 2012
Gatineau - Hull - Alymer - Ottawa
( Outaouais, Quebec, Canada )